TrasguGest Evol

The Centerpiece for the Management of your Company

TrasguGest Evol

TrasguGest Evol allows you to store, organize and plot the evolution of one or more numerical parameters, expressed in all kinds of measurement units and in a customized way.

At all times it will adapt to your present or future needs, since it allows you to modify in real time the number of fields to be displayed, measurement units you want to work with (performing automatically the conversion of already stored measurements) and graphics format.

Supported graphics: (it could be increased in further updates)

  • Pie
  • Horizontal or vertical bars
  • Lines
  • Timeline

You can locate any measurement through its unique tracking identifier or also search measurements by date or by item.

If desired, and as an optional module, it will also allow you to make available to your Associates/Partners/Clients/etc. a tool to check their progress online from your website

TrasguGest Evol is constantly reviewed and updated. We are grateful in advance for any question, comment or suggestion you may wish to make.


TrasguGest Evol

Licenses and Features

Customization Updates Modules
Basic Not Included Included Not Included
Basic+ Not Included Included Included
Standard Included Not Included Not Included
Standard+ Included Not Included Included
Premium Included Included Not Included
Premium+ Included Included Included

*** Hosting contracted with TrasguTIC required ***