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Computer Systems, Telecommunications, Programming, Databases, Hardware, Software, Internet...


Custom Solutions

Since not all cases are the same, solutions should not either. Contact us and your case will be individually analyzed.


Service and Availability

Whatever you need, wherever you need and whenever you need... We take care of everything!



We are a small Technology Consulting company based in Tarragona that provides personalized comprehensive support, specializing in the installation, configuration and maintenance of equipment and computer systems, as well as in consulting, development, integration and implementation of Technology Solutions.

Flexibility and Availability

We act as an external IT department, without staff or structure costs for your company, but with the benefits of an immediate and personalized technical support.

Comprehensive Service

We provide your company a Comprehensive IT Maintenance suited to your needs.


We rely on a policy of continuous technical training, ensuring professionalism that our customers demand. Our only priority is your maximum satisfaction.

One-on-one Service

Since not all projects and not all clients are the same, we adapt to the peculiarities and requirement levels individually.

Multidisciplinary Team

We have a qualified technical team with extensive experience in various fields to tackle any type of project.

Global Coverage

We have agreements with strategic partners to provide geographical and logistical coverage required by your project .

Always at your Service...

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Computer Systems

Installation and maintenance of all kinds of computer systems.
On-site or remote support .

Networking and Communications

Installation, configuration and maintenance of wired or wireless computer networks.

Programming and DDBB

Custom software development, using the most appropriate technologies and databases in each case .


Design and programming of web pages. Domain management with or without hosting. Social media and community management services.


Support for computer systems and telecommunications installations.

Management and Monitoring

Management and coordination of a network of technicians dimensioned to provide adequate support for your projects. Channeling and monitoring of operations nationwide.


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Contact Information

Travessera del Nāstic II, 8
(43007 Tarragona)

(+34) 628 483 522
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